Who Will Rise Up?

I’m sure it has been something on the minds of most people over the last week. Devastation…how do you come back from what the people of Haiti have been through the past eight days? I see the pictures and part of me wonders what would I cling to? If it was part or all of my family in the rubble how would I cope? Much of me thinks, if i’m honest…”I don’t think I could make it.” I would cry out to God and weep and mourn and probably be frozen in my grief. I mean, I’m a thousand miles away right now and many times this week I have found myself wondering, “Why God?” I’m brokenhearted for the orphaned children. The widows. The parents who can’t find their own. I keep praying…’Oh God, what can I do?’ I can give money (not much, but some). I can pray. I have cried so much this week just hurting inside for the pain that radiates from this small, poor and now devastated country. Only God gets us through things this tragic. I’m convinced it will be the ministry of the Bride of Christ that will have the greatest influence on piecing back the lives of the Haitian people. I believe it will be the Church that will rise up and have the greatest impact for healing the hearts of the people in Haiti.
I’ve come across a organization that is raising money to rebuild the churches in Haiti as quickly as possible. http://www.churcheshelpingchurches.com. Their belief is – fix the churches (not just buildings, but pastors and resources) so they can begin to heal a nation. I think they are right. Healing will come through the Spirit of believers holding one another up and standing together. Pray for the effort to get churches doing what churches do in Haiti and helping this community get restored. It will take many years and many believe it will never happen, but I believe God will be glorified as God’s children pour life into the people and our church in Haiti.


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