Heaven is WHERE the heart is?

Okay this is me being as transparent as I can be. I’m writing this message on Heaven. I love God, Jesus and truly desire to be in Heaven – ONE Day. I know it will be amazing. I know it will be forever better than anything here on earth. I know my citizenship is in heaven and not here on earth. Where I am torn is how much I love the things in my life…now…here on earth. My wife Stacey. How do I desire to go to heaven when I experience such joy in being with her, loving her and holding her near to me? My boys, Levi and Joel. How do I look forward to the day when I am in heaven and no longer with them? So where does that leave me? I believe it leaves me on a journey to understand more fully the hope of heaven and it’s promises. That is what I will be preaching about for the next three weeks at The River Community Church. How can Heaven surpass the allure of the Good things here on Earth?


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