Dive! Dig! Do!

If you have ever sat frozen by the process and the tasks in front of you. Unable to act because you are overwhelmed by the length of your list. Don’t have enough time to finish the project, and not sure you have the perfect plan? This is for you (and definitely for me). DIVE…just jump in and begin. Need to write the blog, but struggling to write something profound…just write. Sermon page blank and so is your mind? Start typing. Home project been sitting on the Honey DO board for over a year, fire up the tools and DIVE in!

We started a Men’s Bible Study on Wednesday mornings and instead of spending countless hours and meetings trying to figure out what study, scripture or book we should use, I JUMPED. I picked the gospel of Mark, we dive every week, reading a whole chapter and experiencing the power of God’s Word. Many things like this never get off the ground because we are afraid to jump and trust the unknown questions below the surface of the waters. Dive!

DIG! I will use an example of failing for this next action. I planned to plant a garden this past spring. I had drafted pictures of the raised beds and their placement in the backyard. I had a plan for irrigation and fighting away the rabbits and even made a list of the fresh home grown veggies I would grow. I had a great plan, but I never set the shovel to the ground…it remained unfallowed ground. DIG. I have a project on my to do list that is 28 days overdue. AAAAHHHHHHH! How much time have I wasted just reading about the project and never digging in and getting it done? This Blog is for me too! This advice is not original to me…in the book ‘Rework’ it encourages abandoning your reservations and immobility and diving and digging into whatever is waiting for your action. Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt and John Maxwell would all agree, things don’t just get done, we have to DIVE, DIG and DO! Finally I can check off my to do list for this week, “BLOG, Just write something…anything!” DIVE+DIG+DO=DONE! Have a Blessed Day!


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