I know! This picture is disgusting and you would never use this restroom or let your child go near it! It’s UNCLEAN! When you consider God’s Goodness and Holiness and Perfection and how He sent Jesus to Redeem the Unclean (you and me) it’s pretty Awesome. God cleans up our mess! It’s just as gross as the photo…more so! NOW, how would you like to clean this bathroom?

I’ve been working through the Gospel (good news) of Mark with some men on Wednesday mornings for the past 4 weeks. This week we are digging into chapter 5 which describes 3 miracles that Jesus performs. The miracles by themselves are pretty amazing, but dig a little deeper and the stories say so much more about God and His Son Jesus. The first story is about a man from Gerasenes (this makes him most likely a gentile/non jew). This man is possessed by many demons…probably hundreds and Jesus (who happens to be in a non-jewish area ministering to non-jews…did you know that?) cast the demons out into pigs (unclean animals) and then the people ask Him to leave because of the loss of pigs, missing the point that the man is now free!

The second story is about a woman who is…you guessed it…unclean. According to the Jewish law she had two things working against her…she was a woman (sorry) and she was menstruating for the last 12 years…this by law made her unclean. Yet Jesus heals the woman and even though the ‘unclean’ have touched Him, Jesus is kind and loving and discovers who touched Him to remind her that it was her faith, not His robe that has healed her.

The third story in this chapter is about a little girl who is dead (Jesus calls the dead sleeping which is a whole other blog). Jesus heals the dead girl and brings her to life with the gentle command ‘Talitha cumi’ – ‘Little girl, I say to you, arise.’ Touching a dead person in OT Law…guess what that is…UNCLEAN. Do you get the feeling that Jesus is shifting the focus off of our ability to be clean onto His ability to redeem, restore and resurrect?

Does your life feel “unclean”? Give it to Jesus!

Much Love! Kevin


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