Simply To Be Wanted

Yesterday I got up and was out the door before my son Levi got out of bed. I did not get home until after 5pm. All day long he would ask his mom, ‘when is daddy going to be home.’ She would reply ‘soon’ and he would moan. Finally in exasperation he cried out, “why is this happening to me”. Apparently he would not be satisfied until dad was home and we were snuggling. It feels really good to know he loves me this way. I love the greetings as soon as my car door opens in the driveway he runs down the sidewalk from the front door and he’s yelling “DAAAAADDDDDYYYYY!” Pants or no pants.

I was praying this morning and wondering if my time with God was like the love a child has for his daddy. Do I get excited to spend time with Him. Does my heart long to be near Him and do I wait on Him to come. I want to…I want the faith like a child’s. I long for God and Love Him and hope this pleases Him.

It’s funny because I know as Levi’s earthly father I am prone to make mistakes and even let him down sometimes, but my Heavenly Father is perfect and never let’s us down. Spend some time today with Abba just longing to be in His presence.


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