Stop Being SO MATURE!

5782762338_3ece68e165_oThis week I have been reading in Matthew 18: 1-6…what a powerful challenge to capture childlike faith.

Jesus says, “Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Read it…six verses. “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children…” What does all this mean. How can we be childlike when this speaks against a culture including the church that says we must be MORE MATURE, MORE RESPONSIBLE, MORE SELF RELIANT!

I began to observe the two children in my life. Joel and I were discussing theologically the debate between Calvinism and Armenialism…Joel felt as if…HA. Joel doesn’t have a clue, but he simply loves his family, he needs us fully and depends on us for his food, shelter and love. It’s quite simple. Ask Joel if he loves Jesus and he will simply say, “I love Jesus”. No doubts, no heartfelt debate, just wide eyed wonder and belief.

Levi is a little more developed in his belief in God but he really simply believes God is AWESOME! One evening while eating dinner Levi said to me, “Dad, mom’s a good cook, not as good as God or Jesus, but she is really good.” He also prayed that God would make Ninjago’s REAL when he gets to heaven. Levi simply ask and BELIEVES! When he prays for healing he expects God will do something to heal. I wish my faith were so powerful. A simple…no questions belief! Faith LIKE A Child’s!

Jesus’ challenge is to become like children, not make children into to us…ha! For each person I think a challenge comes from this teaching of Christ. Spend some time praying and asking God what he would have you learn from this teaching. It’s there for a reason!

Lot’s of LOVE,



3 thoughts on “Stop Being SO MATURE!

  1. I love this. you’re so right. kids just have such a fearless faith. it seems like that is so hard to reign in when you’re an adult. Thanks Kevin.

  2. Thanks, Kevin, for the reminder. Children are such a good example in so many ways. At the same time, however, I cringe a bit that it has become fairly popular to bash theology. We need good theology. Good theology means we think correctly about God. Good theology keeps us from false teachings. We show our love for Christ by obeying him, and we know how to obey by being in the Word. Our lives should be saturated with Scripture, in part, so we can think correctly about God. I think this is what the writer of Hebrews is getting at when he declares that the recipients of his letter should be ready for meat, but they were stuck on milk/ elementary doctrine. I don’t mean to suggest that you are bashing theology, but I’m a little hypersensitive to this issue because, as I said, it’s popular to “theology bash” right now.

    • I agree good theology is extremely important. So is sound doctrine Titus 2…I definitely don’t want to support the idea of abandoning theology and becoming incapable of understanding those things. I do believe that many people fall into the trap of argument, bitterness, lack of love, due to a faith that looks less relational with God and more academic. Thanks for the comment! Thanks for reading! Love, Kevin

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