The Gospel of Mark Chapter 1

I want to invite you to follow my blog as we dig and study the Gospel of Mark (my favorite gospel, if that’s allowed ;).  Mark is a gospel that gets right to the point, JESUS is the SON of GOD!  He is the messiah, chosen one, lamb of God and savior of MY sins.  So let’s dig in by reading the first Chapter.

Pray to God as you study the Bible that He would illuminate in your heart and soul the words of scripture to effect you and challenge you to growth.

Mark 1 – using your Bible app or Bible.  Read the entire chapter.  If you are using a Bible, underline or notate areas of interest, curious words or things that catch your attention.

5699932687_02315fa0d7_bIn the first section of Mark 1 we see John the baptist preaching.  John is preaching to all of Jerusalem!  People are coming from every area of this city to hear John proclaim repentance and the coming of the Messiah.  John is popular, his message is powerful and he is baptizing people by the thousands to repent and turn towards God…this kind of following would give most men a ‘big head’, an idea of authority and power…but then John states, “One who is more powerful than I am is coming after me.  I am not worthy to stoop down and untie the strap of his sandals.”  Wow John knows his place, his unworthiness and is unaffected by the throngs of people that have come to hear him.

Jesus is BAPTIZED – cue Holy Spirit Dove and Voice of God!  Wow imagine the reaction of the people around Jesus.  Think of John as he pulls Jesus up from the water!  Amazing GRACE, Awesome GOD!   God states, “You are MY BELOVED SON; with you I am well-pleased.”

Stop HERE:  Let’s pray about our lives being set apart for God’s plan and works, pray for a humbled spirit like John!  Pray for a closeness to the Father who sent His Son to teach, call and die for this world.

I will Blog again in the next day or two and continue in the Gospel of Mark…

Much Love,



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