When We Can NOT Impress God

“Soon, I was back to trying to impress a God I imagined was growing more and more impatient with me”, from The Cure by McNicol, Thrall and Lynch.

Have you ever felt that way? You ever feel like your walk with God is difficult and frustrating and that God must constantly throw His hands up in frustration with you? I want you to know today that it’s not true. God is a loving Father who desires to be close, but He is not waiting for you to ‘IMPRESS’ Him. In fact, let me remove that stress by saying very simply…nothing you do will impress God! Let me type that again, it sounds harsh, but if it’s true maybe you won’t be motivated by the ‘idea’ of impressing God ever again. NOTHING YOU DO WILL IMPRESS GOD. Please understand that God’s relationship is personal, real, intimate and loving, but He is not in need of you showing off. Scripture tells us we can cause God to feel joy or jealousy through our lives, but we cannot IMPRESS God.

So what do we do with this little nugget of truth…take a deep breath and sleep a little sounder…God is not in expectation of you IMPRESSING HIM! Love Him YES. Seek HIM YES. Serve Him as a son or daughter, YES. His PERFECT Love for you was something He thought so important that He would send His Son Jesus to DIE for YOU! Thank HIM, worship Him, YES! You are His Beloved! You are His Child! Sons and Daughters! Dwell on the truth and allow the lies of self-reliance and self-righteousness to fall away.

Read Colossians 2 & 3…You were changed by God to be His possession!